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Here's What You'll Get:

Lifetime Access to HighLevel Mastery Content ($1997 VALUE)

Lifetime Access to Getting Clients Course ($1997 VALUE)

Lifetime Access my Client Results Snapshot ($997 VALUE)

The Client Snapshot includes:


• Lead Generation

- Google/Facebook Ads Landing Page

- Doctor Bio Landing Page

• Scheduling

- Scheduling Page

• Other

- Response Recorded Landing Page (Allows clients to easily report on sales from in-person meetings via trigger links)


• Database Reactivation

- Text Blast Template

• Follow Up Templates

- “Follow Up with Me in a Week”

- No Response Catch All

- Task Reminder Email

• Insurance

- Insurance Form Completed

- Insurance Form Reminder

- Patient Insurance Call

• Post Optin

- Cost Calculator Optin

- Cost Calculator Optin - Open Scheduling

- FB Lead Form Optin (Self Scheduling Option)

- GMB Chat

- Website Widget

- Lead Ad Appt Request Confirmation

- Simple Optin Flow

• Post Schedule

- 7 Day Appt Confirmation and Reminders

- Single Confirmation Text + Result Request

- Single Confirmation Text + Simple Email

- Unconfirmed > Notify Office

• Stages/Triggers

- 4 Day No Response > Short Term Nurturing

- 7 Day Auto > Long Term Nurturing

- Cancellation Workflow (Stops on Response)

- Did Not Start Treatment/"Lost" Status

- Disqualified

- Do Not Contact

- No ShowPending Sale

- Sold/Won Status


• Location Calendar


Insurance Form

• Simple Form

Follow-Up Call Questionnaire

• Calendar Form

• Acknowledgement

• Consultation Notes


• All Leads Pipeline

Here's what my students say about me..

Without Keaton's guidance, without him really kind of pulling up the curtain and showing me what's going on in his business and what's going on in mine, I wouldn't really have a business right now.


Keaton has an ability to be able to break down things in such a simple way for anyone to understand.


I never really took the first few steps that were going to move the needle forward because I just felt really uncomfortable and he really helped me overcome that. And he's just incredible at guiding you and making sure that your your head's in the right place.


With Keaton as a mentor I've been able to basically time travel my business and get exponential results really quickly. So if you're on the edge of joining Keaton's program, I will personally push you over that edge and let you know that it will be the best investment you will make for your business.


I've been working with Keaton for about a month now and I just want to share my experience with you... If you're looking for someone to help you start your business or grow an established business, he's the best person to reach out to.


If you’re thinking about working with Keaton, do it. Trust me - the ROI is absolutely massive.


The guy's super knowledgeable so I highly recommend. If you're thinking about it, stop thinking about it. Book with him.


I think one of the biggest problems in the agency space is that there's so much information out there, there's so many gurus that it's hard to know what exactly you should be doing but once I started working with Keaton a lot of that disappeared.

Josh Steinberg

I had absolutely no idea what to do but fast forward a couple weeks after, I was able to get a couple of free trial clients and understand the rudimentary operations of SMMA.

Ali Jibouri

I got in the community and I was just expecting another course, but I was just blown away by the access, the people that you're around and you can talk to Keaton who's the most invaluable resource out there.

Yewan Fitz-Earle

Just the community alone I think is worth the money, I was able to get answers to my questions that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I think the way Keaton approaches the SMMA business is not like any other person.

Nathan Pearson

Keaton is an expert on HighLevel, facebook ads, and agency operations. The further I get in my agency the more value I get out of the coaching relationship, not only does he care about my results, but also the results of my clients.

Mack Fowler

You are in very good hands with Keaton...If you're completely brand you in the agency space, I highly recommend his program.

Jarem Atkinson

The community is super close together, they care about helping each other and it's an important part of the program, not just information... I would encourage you to work with Keaton, it's one of the best decisions I made in my business, from here it's just upward!

Sergio Sasso

See what my early bird students have to say about my program!

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Is there a Guarantee?

No. this is a compilation of information and tools to help you grow your agency and learn marketing. Business is inherently risky, and while the methods I teach are usually very effective, they are not guaranteed to work in your specific situation. Do not buy this product if you are looking for a guaranteed result.

Will this course apply to me if I’m outside the US?

Yes! If you are from another country and would like to advertise for businesses in your country or region, this will absolutely apply. I cannot be an expert in every country's regulations around advertising though, so you will have to do your own research in that realm.

How did you get all your marketing experience? Did you have formal education on it?

I went to 1 year of college and took 2 communications classes. 99% of my education has come from buying courses, investing in mentors, reading books, and most importantly: real world experience.

Will this work for my niche?


What's your refund policy?

Read our Refund Policy here.

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